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Econ Scholars Program

A group of econ scholars at the Federal Reserve in Chicago.

Photo: Econ Scholars visit the Chicago Fed in  November 2023, hosted by Michelle Orlando, alumna and board member.

In 2013, the Department of Economics launched the Econ Scholars program, designed to recognize the achievements and potential of our top students. Students are chosen to participate in this program on the basis of their academic records, personal statements, and future goals. Each Econ Scholar is assigned a faculty mentor and given access to a number of worthwhile opportunities for educational and career enhancement. Annual activities include:

  • A fall reception to welcome the new Econ Scholars, attended by economics faculty and advisors, and financial sponsors of the program. Don and Pat Spence, whose generous gift to the Department supports the Econ Scholars program for the first five years.
  • Small group meetings with distinguished alumni and visitors when they are on campus. Past opportunities include leaders in both academia and business. 
  • Lunch with the Department’s Advisory Board during the annual fall meeting. 
  • Opportunities to compete for attractive internship positions in business and economics, as well as an internship workshop to enhance job search strategies.
  • Funding possibilities for career-related training, including unpaid internships, a financial modeling course, and conference expenses.
  • A trip to Chicago to meet with alumni in a variety of firms and industries. 
  • Priority hiring for our Undergraduate Assistantship Program, a paid position to work in the Econ Help Rooms and assist faculty in Econ 201 and Econ 202, and our Social Media Assistant Program.

The Department of Economics is committed to supporting the Econ Scholars program, providing enrichment opportunities to help our most gifted and hard-working students realize their full potential.

At the end of each academic year, a group of potential scholars are invited to apply to the program. A committee then selects 15-20 students for each incoming cohort.

Questions about the Econ Scholars Program? Contact Carey Elder, program director:

Current Econ Scholar Cohorts

Shubham Aggarwal

Emery Akimanzi

William Carvalho

Prachurjo Das

Eli Duguid

Lorenzo Duran

Nik Gebler

Kira Hegdal

Harrison Kubicki

Meital Lurie

Emma Nicolaysen

Jack Starling

Stephanie Tolly

Isabella Webber

Cassidy Yoder

Megan Colburn

Nick Donovan

Shruti Elango

Peter Fu Chen

Shrishti Jalan

David Koster

Nadav Langberg

Knick Laux

Aria Muchhal

Keshav Nair

Minh Nguyen

Maren Nicolaysen

David Selemba

Denis Selyuzhitsky

Megan Smejkal

Lauren Smith

Nicholas Stoll

Sharmila Suresh

Kennedy Torain

Nick Balesky

Nick Beekman

Trevor Cawley

Matt Dirisio

Theadora Drake

Sloane Fisher

Brendan Grant

Allan Kiambuthi

Lian Martin

Calder Moore

Peyton Naragon

Carrie Nielsen

Elizabeth Pauley

Sarah Pilewski

Kosta Sarinopoulos

Jeremy Valencia

Konstantine Wade

Kate Wills

Econ Scholars Alumni

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