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Advisory Board

The Department of Economics formed its Advisory Board in October of 2012 as part of an active effort to re-engage MSU alumni with the department. The Board’s members are alumni and former faculty members who have excelled in a variety of careers and pursuits and have a clear understanding of how instrumental the MSU Economics Department has been in their individual successes.  The department appreciates the willingness of these individuals to lend their time, knowledge, and expertise to our ongoing efforts to improve the MSU Department of Economics. During its first year, the Board adopted the following Mission Statement, which lays out our guiding principles.

Mission Statement

The Advisory Board for the Michigan State University Economics Department will work in conjunction with the faculty, students, and staff of the Economics Department to support and strengthen the department’s goals and academic standards while providing advice to the department on how it can better serve its students, the University, the State of Michigan, and the Economics Profession. 

Through its partnership, the Advisory Board and the Department of Economics seek to

  • Enhance the experience of our undergraduate majors and graduate students while continuing to provide world-class education in economics
  • Strengthen the ties between the department and the business community, government agencies, academic institutions, and other employers of our graduates
  • Build a strong network of alumni and friends who support and collaborate with the Department
  • Build an internship/placement program that will allow the Department to attract outstanding students
  • Provide support and resources for the faculty in their research mission 
  • Maintain or enhance the national ranking of our graduate program
  • Become a center of excellence for research on the economics of education and to gain national recognition for our graduate training program


Advisory Board Members

  • Dr. Robert Goodman
  • Joe Hollis
  • Dr. David Kelly
  • Margaret (Peg) Koenigs
  • John Miller
  • Nick Nefouse
  • Matt Nelson
  • Michelle Orlando
  • James A. Plemmons  
  • Jim Schaberg  
  • Tom Sleeter  
  • Don Spence (Chair of the Advisory Board)
  • Michael Watson
  • Michael Wheeler 
  • John B. Whitledge
  • Dr. Shashikant (Shashi) Gupta
  • Dr. Edward Montgomery 
  • Greg Psihas  
  • John Radtke
  • Dr. William (Bill) Raduchel
  • Dr. Robert H. Rasche  
  • Mark Simon  
  • Pam Steckroat
  • Stewart Zimmerman