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Past Ph.D. Placements

MSU doctoral graduates move on to top jobs in the academic, government, and the private sectors. Recent graduates have gone on to work in tenure-track positions at top research institutions (Rutgers, Georgia Tech, Arizona, Oregon State, Iowa State, Melbourne, Essex), top government agencies (Census, Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Food and Drug Administration, Securities and Exchange Commission, U.S. Government Accountability Office), and top private sector firms (Abt, Amazon, Citi, J.P. Morgan, Mathematica).

View below all past Ph.D. placements by year. 

Elise Breshears
Research Economist, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (National Center for Environmental Economics)

Joshua Brownstein
Senior Economist, U.S. Government Accountability Office (Center for Economics)

Christian Cox
Assistant Professor, University of Arizona (Department of Economics)

Su Hwan Chung
Associate Fellow, Korea Development Institute

Andrew Earle
Assistant Professor, East Carolina University (Department of Economics)

Graham Gardner
Assistant Professor, Texas Christian University (Department of Economics)

Katlyn Hettinger
Assistant Professor, Western Kentucky University (Department of Economics)

David Hong
Early Career Researcher, University of Edinburgh

Alex Johann
Healthcare Economist, The Lewin Group

Mehmet Furkan Karaca
Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Finance, University of Essex (Essex Business School)

Benjamin Miller
Financial Economist, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (Division of Economic and Risk Analysis)

Kaidi Wu
Senior Associate Data Scientist, JP Morgan Chase

Yuxian Xiao
Researcher-Economics, Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (Facilities, Finance, and Analytics Administration)

Yogeshwar Bharat
Research Director, Centre for Advanced Financial Research and Learning, Reserve Bank of India

Katie Bollman
Assistant Professor, Oregon State University (School of Public Policy, Economics Program)

Nick Brown
Peacock Postdoctoral Fellow, Queen's University

Priyankar Datta
Senior Data Analyst, Walmart

Marissa Eckrote-Nordland
Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (Department of Economics)

Jun-Tae Park
Associate Research Fellow, Korea Institute of Finance

Zijian Qi
Manager, T-Mobile (Business Analytics)

Nick Rowe
Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Finance, University of Essex (Essex Business School)

Bryce VanderBerg
Economist, U.S. Census Bureau

Jesse Wood
Senior Analyst, Abt Associates (Social and Economic Policy Division)

Yu-Siang Wu
Senior Model Validation Analyst, Citi

Jeonghwan Choi
Associate Research Fellow, Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade (KIET)

Christian Cox
Postdoctoral Associate, Yale University (Jackson Institute for Global Affairs)

Yunni Deng
Economist, U.S. Department of Transportation (Office of Inspector General)

Ibrahim Kekec
Teaching Fellow, Trinity College Dublin

Timothy Moreland
Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina - Greensboro

Cody Orr
Economist, U.S. Census Bureau

Narae Park
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Texas at Austin (Population Research Center)

Bhavna Rai
Assistant Professor, Indian School of Business (Department of Economics and Public Policy)

Giacomo Romanini
Research Fellow, Bank of Italy

Jaemin Ryu
Economist, Bank of Korea

Anna Terkelsen
Economist, Amazon

Luke Watson
Financial Economist, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (Center for Financial Research)

Riley Acton
Assistant Professor, Miami University of Ohio

Yeon Choi
Research Fellow, Korea Ministry of Economy & Finance

Chris Fowler
Economist, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Hannah Gabriel
Assistant Professor, California State University, Sacramento

Akanksha Negi
Assistant Professor, Monash University

Pallavi Pal
Assistant Professor, Stevens Institute of Technology

Gabrielle Pepin
Economist, W.E. Upjohn Institute (post doc)

Ruonan Xu
Assistant Professor, Rutgers University

Sam Biswas
Economist, Amazon

Dylan Brewer
Assistant Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology

Alyssa Carlson
Assistant Professor, University of Missouri – Columbia

Katie Harris
Assistant Professor, Iowa State University

Yungshin Jang
Research Fellow, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy

Dajung Jun
Assistant Professor, University of Melbourne

Heekwon Kyung
Research Fellow, Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade

Hwanoong Lee
Research Fellow, Korea Institute for Public Finance

Bethany Lemont
Assistant Professor, Ohio University

Haoyang Li
Assistant Professor, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

Kyungho Song
Research Fellow, Korea Institute of Public Finance