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ÊSTIMATE: The Reduced Form

 ÊSTIMATE: The Reduced Form is a compact virtual workshop on more specific topics that is usually offered in the winter.

No Reduced Form workshops are open for registration.

Episode 1 was presented by Jeff Wooldridge in December 2021 aimed at researchers wanting to learn about recent methods in difference-in-differences estimation with panel data.

The specific learning objectives were:

  • To understand the basic difference-in-differences methods for panel data, including the case of multiple periods before and after an intervention.
  • With staggered interventions, to learn the shortcomings of imposing strong restrictions on the pattern of treatment effects – as is done with the basic two-way fixed effects estimator – and how to relax these restrictions using familiar regression methods and more advanced methods using imputation and propensity score weighting.
  • To understand simple tests for violations of the parallel trend assumption, and how, in the context of flexible models, allow violation of those assumptions.
  • When using a limited dependent response variable (such as binary, fractional, or count), how to use flexible nonlinear methods.
  • To learn how Stata can be used to implement the various methods.

Workshop Topics:

  • Assumptions and Methods for Common Intervention Timing
  • Combining Regression Adjustment and Propensity Score Weighting
  • Staggered Interventions, Heterogeneous Treatment Effects, and Regression Adjustment
  • Imputation and Propensity Score Methods in the Staggered Case
  • Testing for Violations of Parallel Trends. Correcting for Heterogeneous Trends
  • Unbalanced Panels
  • Inference with Few Treated and/or Control Units
  • Nonlinear Difference-in-Differences


Registration is now closed. 

Course Fees

MSU students - $250 ($300 after June 1)
MSU faculty -  $750 ($900 after June 1)
Non-MSU students and MSU Alumni - $500 ($600 after June 1)
General - $1,100 ($1,250 after June 1)

Group discounts are available when 5 or more people from the same organization register. For more information regarding this discount, please email

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