The Second Great Lakes Political Economy Theory Conference

held at Michigan State University in East Lansing (MI),

on Saturday, September 8th, 2018.


About the Great Lakes Political Economy Theory conference:

The aim of the conference is to promote research in political economy theory in the Great Lakes region, particularly by junior scholars. The University of Western Ontario hosted the inaugural conference in 2017, and Michigan State U hosted the second one in 2018. The intention is to host an annual conference, rotating over all interested institutions.

The Third Annual Great Lakes Political Economy Theory conference was held on September 14, 2019 at the Harris School of Public Policy, University of Chicago. Location and dates for the Fourth annual conference in 2020 will be announced here in Fall 2019.



8.55am 9.10am. Welcome and registration.

9.10am 10.00am. Peter Buisseret (U. Chicago): "The race to the base", with D. Bernhardt (UIUC) and S. Hidir (Warwick). Discussant: Carlo Prato (Columbia U.).

10.00am 10.50am. Ilwoo Hwang (U. Miami): "Learning in legislative bargaining", with S. Krasa (U. Illinois). Discussant: Renee Bowen (UCSD).

10.50am 11.00am. Coffee break.

11.00am 11.50am. Leyla Karakas (U. Syracuse): "The power of identity politics", with D. Mitra (U. Syracuse). Discussant: Konstantin Sonin (U. Chicago).

11.50am 12.40pm. Jean G. Forand (U. Waterloo): "Don't hatch the messenger?" with G. Ujhelyi (U. Houston). Discussant: Alexandra Cirone (Cornell U.).

12.40pm 2.10pm. Lunch at Phillips Hall (0.3 miles from Koo Room).

2.10pm 3.00pm. Wiola Dziuda (U. Chicago): "Political scandal", with W. Howell (U Chicago). Discussant: Dan Bernhardt (U. Illinois).

3.00pm 3.50pm. Davin Raiha (UWO): "Informational industrial blackmail", with A. Slivinski (UWO). Discussant: Christian Cox (Michigan State).

3.50pm 4.10pm. Coffee break.

4.10pm 5.00pm. Georgy Egorov (Northwestern U.): "Elections in non-democracies", with K. Sonin (U. Chicago). Discussant: Arturas Rozenas (New York U.)

5.45pm. Dinner for out-of-state participants.

PDF of the program.


Jon X. Eguia ( and Christian Cox (; student co-organizer), with support from the Department of Economics, from the Department of Political Science, and from the College of Social Sciences at Michigan State University.

Great Lakes Political Economy Theory conference award:

Awarded to the early career scholar with the best paper and presentation at the conference.

2018 GLPET award winner: Peter Buisseret (U. Chicago), for "The race to the base." Award committee: Stefan Krasa (chair), Chris Cotton and Jon X. Eguia.

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